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Microsoft Services

All CRM people has a Microsoft Account identified by an organisational email with all the privileges.
You can download Microsoft Office via or read your email on
If you want to connect your email account on your mobile or another app you can read this article:
Also, you can access to your, 1 Tb of storage at cloud via Onedrive

CRM Services

The CRM has a wireless network named CRMwifi, with the Password: Goldenmean
Also, we have two different printers:
- (or if you are connected via wifi) at the ground floor
- (or if you are connected via wifi) at the second floor
In case of doubts or problems you can contact us via web ( - web in beta version) or via email:
- Jordi Mullor:
- Ivan Cañamero:
The IT department (C1/018) is at the ground floor, near the central corridor and the Printer Room. Contact us in case of doubts or issues